This Time, It’s Not My Fault

Dear Dedicated Readers (i.e., Mom),

I once again find myself being late on an update:  “The Hornet’s Sting,” which I sold to Abyss and Apex in April of 2014, has been published.  In fact, it appears to have been published over a month ago, on December 9th, 2014.  I’d have gladly notified you all of this the moment it happened, except A) I’d hate to break my well-established streak of untimely updates, and B) I didn’t even know the story had been published until half an hour ago.  (Special thanks to Justin James for bringing this to my attention with his comment on my “About” page.)

Hopefully you enjoy the story (it’s free online), even though it’s now so old that it’s probably starting to smell funny.


Update (01/18/2015):  As indicated by Wendy’s comment below, the story was actually published on 01/01/2015.  But this still makes me late in notifying everyone, which means my streak of being a terrible communicator remains intact.  Victory!

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