Splish Splash, I’ve Been Selling Some Flash

Lots of people like science fiction.  They also like days, because days are when all the best stuff happens:  eating waffles, throwing boomerangs, not getting transformed into rampaging were-beasts under the glow of a full moon.  So, with both science fiction and days being so popular, it stands to reason that people should enjoy Daily Science Fiction–which is great, because that’s where I’ve sold my new flash fiction story, “Tunnel Vision.”

This pleases me greatly, because I’ve been a fan of DSF ever since I became a fan of DSF.  (Congratulations, you’ve just witnessed what happens when I realize I can’t remember a specific date halfway through typing a sentence.)  I don’t know exactly when my story will be published yet, but if you’d like to sign up for the DSF mailing list now (it’s free, and all they need is your email address), that’s a decision that could be pretty safely filed under “good ideas.”

In other flash news, “The Crimson Cloak,” which I sold to Weird Tales some time ago, looks like it will soon be seeing publication, after marinating for the 15 months or so that it takes to make a fairy tale truly exceptional.  WT announced the new issue in this post on Facebook, and if the cover art and table of contents are any indication, this will be something worth picking up.

And with that, I have no more news for now.  But please do check for more updates soon, because there should be something new to read every time you return to this site, assuming you hibernate for ten months out of the year.


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