Coming Soon . . .

Yes, this page is mostly empty.  And yes, it looks like every other WordPress site.  But never fear!  I happen to know a very talented web designer, and he’s graciously volunteered to work around the clock on projects that are completely unrelated to this one.

Before long, though, I should have a nice, fancy site for your viewing pleasure.  Hopefully you’ll see some big changes around here by mid-October.  And hopefully that October will be the one occurring in 2012.

Check back soon!


UPDATE (10/17/2012):  If you’ve somehow managed to find your way here (probably from my link at the Lovecraft Ezine), I know the website still isn’t really functional yet, but the least I can do is provide you with links to my currently published stories:

Lovestruck” (Flash Fiction Online, 02/14/2012)

My Least Immemorial Year” (Lovecraft Ezine, 10/17/2012)

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