News! (x2)

Apparently good things comes in pairs, which is not the same as coming in pears, because that would be awfully soggy and could adversely affect a thing’s ability to be considered “good.”

I have two bits of news today, the first of which is that Dennis Miller (no, not that Dennis Miller) over at Smoke and Mirrors (yes, that Smoke and Mirrors) read my story “No Silver Lining” in Unidentified Funny Objects and decided he’d like to use his alchemical powers to transmute it into a podcast.  In case you’re unfamiliar, the Smoke and Mirrors podcasts sound like wonderful old-timey radio shows, which is very exciting because I’ve never been a part of an old-timey radio show before, wonderful or otherwise.

News the Second:  I recently sold a story called “The Miracle Man” to ThunderDome Press’s Bloody Knuckles anthology.  As the name suggests, Bloody Knuckles is a collection of romantic vampire stories and fondue recipes set in 1920s Illinois.  Except that it’s actually a collection of Mixed Martial Arts tales, which has me very excited.

As always, I’ll be sure to post again when these stories are available to the public, pending FDA approval.