I Am the King of Site Updates

. . . And like any good king, I hibernate every other year.  But now I’ve emerged from my Cave of Reclusivity (it’s a word, trust me–I’m a king), and come bearing a medley of news that’s one part recent, two parts outdated.

– News the first:  Bloody Knuckles has been published, which includes my science fiction/MMA story “The Miracle Man.”  You can check it out here.

– News the second:  I sold a flash story called “The Hornet’s Sting” to Abyss and Apex.  It’s due out in 2015, meaning you’ll see me mention it again sometime in 2037.

– News the third:  Not only did I sell a story to Intergalactic Medicine Show, but as of last night (11/25/2014), that story has been published!  You can read “Eli Whitney and the Cotton Djinn” here, and while you don’t have to be an American history buff to appreciate the story, being a cotton enthusiast would certainly help.


He Knew Not the Month Was October

As of last night*, the October 2013 issue of Lovecraft eZine is live, which includes my story, “He Knew Not the Month Was October.”  Like last year’s issue, this one is a tribute to Roger Zelazny’s Halloween classic, A Night in the Lonesome October.

If you haven’t read Zelazny’s book, my story may not make much sense.  If you have read Zelazny’s book, congratulations:  your existence is better than it otherwise might be, for Lonesome October is widely known for its ability to heighten one’s quality of life.

In other news (which probably shouldn’t be considered news, as this information is so old that it seems to violate the spirit of the word), “Tunnel Vision” is now available on the Daily Science Fiction website, as it has been for some time now.  If you’d like, you may read it.  You have my permission.

That’s all for now.


*The issue was only published “last night” if you’re reading this on October 25, 2013.  If you’re not, the rest of my post makes no sense.  You broke it.

Thanks for that.

Splish Splash, I’ve Been Selling Some Flash

Lots of people like science fiction.  They also like days, because days are when all the best stuff happens:  eating waffles, throwing boomerangs, not getting transformed into rampaging were-beasts under the glow of a full moon.  So, with both science fiction and days being so popular, it stands to reason that people should enjoy Daily Science Fiction–which is great, because that’s where I’ve sold my new flash fiction story, “Tunnel Vision.”

This pleases me greatly, because I’ve been a fan of DSF ever since I became a fan of DSF.  (Congratulations, you’ve just witnessed what happens when I realize I can’t remember a specific date halfway through typing a sentence.)  I don’t know exactly when my story will be published yet, but if you’d like to sign up for the DSF mailing list now (it’s free, and all they need is your email address), that’s a decision that could be pretty safely filed under “good ideas.”

In other flash news, “The Crimson Cloak,” which I sold to Weird Tales some time ago, looks like it will soon be seeing publication, after marinating for the 15 months or so that it takes to make a fairy tale truly exceptional.  WT announced the new issue in this post on Facebook, and if the cover art and table of contents are any indication, this will be something worth picking up.

And with that, I have no more news for now.  But please do check for more updates soon, because there should be something new to read every time you return to this site, assuming you hibernate for ten months out of the year.


News! (x2)

Apparently good things comes in pairs, which is not the same as coming in pears, because that would be awfully soggy and could adversely affect a thing’s ability to be considered “good.”

I have two bits of news today, the first of which is that Dennis Miller (no, not that Dennis Miller) over at Smoke and Mirrors (yes, that Smoke and Mirrors) read my story “No Silver Lining” in Unidentified Funny Objects and decided he’d like to use his alchemical powers to transmute it into a podcast.  In case you’re unfamiliar, the Smoke and Mirrors podcasts sound like wonderful old-timey radio shows, which is very exciting because I’ve never been a part of an old-timey radio show before, wonderful or otherwise.

News the Second:  I recently sold a story called “The Miracle Man” to ThunderDome Press’s Bloody Knuckles anthology.  As the name suggests, Bloody Knuckles is a collection of romantic vampire stories and fondue recipes set in 1920s Illinois.  Except that it’s actually a collection of Mixed Martial Arts tales, which has me very excited.

As always, I’ll be sure to post again when these stories are available to the public, pending FDA approval.


Recent Publications: UFO, At Year’s End

It’s been a little quiet here lately, but I finally have something to announce:  Alex Shvartsman’s Unidentified Funny Objects and Kazka Press’s At Year’s End have both been published and are available for purchase.  Each of these anthologies includes a story written by me (“No Silver Lining” and “When Friends Come to Call,” respectively), which I can only assume is the result of an editorial mix-up or one of my many forgotten pacts with the devil.

If you’d like to read my contributions to these collections, please get your copies today, before someone realizes the error they’ve made or the dark prince comes for my soul (which is valued at considerably less than the market standard I claimed).  Although I haven’t had a chance to read UFO yet, I just finished At Year’s End last night, and I can say that it’s positively delightful–a perfect holiday treat for anyone who likes bite-sized fiction.

Unidentified Funny Objects


Unidentified Funny Objects (humorous SF/Fantasy stories) — $5.99 Kindle e-book; $15.99 trade paperback.  (Or, buy it directly from ufopub.com and get both the e-book and paperback for a total of $15.99!)



At Year's End


At Year’s End (year-end holiday stories, in the style of SF/Fantasy flash-fiction) — $2.99 Kindle e-book; $2.99 Nook e-book.

The Story So Far

The main reason I created this site was to keep people updated when I sell stories. Unfortunately, I haven’t sold anything since registering this domain, so I have no news to report right now. Still, I decided I should post something, because my front page needed a placeholder until the next big announcement.

So here’s a picture of a cheetah chewing on a stick.




Coming Soon . . .

Yes, this page is mostly empty.  And yes, it looks like every other WordPress site.  But never fear!  I happen to know a very talented web designer, and he’s graciously volunteered to work around the clock on projects that are completely unrelated to this one.

Before long, though, I should have a nice, fancy site for your viewing pleasure.  Hopefully you’ll see some big changes around here by mid-October.  And hopefully that October will be the one occurring in 2012.

Check back soon!


UPDATE (10/17/2012):  If you’ve somehow managed to find your way here (probably from my link at the Lovecraft Ezine), I know the website still isn’t really functional yet, but the least I can do is provide you with links to my currently published stories:

Lovestruck” (Flash Fiction Online, 02/14/2012)

My Least Immemorial Year” (Lovecraft Ezine, 10/17/2012)