Story Sale: “Champions of Breakfast”

I found out last week that I sold a story to Alex Shvartsman’s Unidentified Funny Objects 4 anthology, which is significant for a number of reasons:

1.  I sold a story.  If you’ve been thinking about buying stock in confetti, now’s the time.

2.  Specifically, I sold a story to Unidentified Funny Objects.  Ever since having “No Silver Lining” published in the first volume of this anthology series, I’ve wanted to weasel my way back in.  Unfortunately, for the past two volumes Alex has managed to catch me breaking into his warehouse before I could glue my napkin-scrawled Buffy fan-fiction into the books.

This time around, however, I took a more conventional route:  tricking Alex into thinking I know what I’m doing.  Somehow, it worked.

3.  It’s no secret that I worship Neil Gaiman.  I mention this because A) it always bears mentioning, even if for no particular reason, and B) it’s relevant to the current topic, because Neil’s got a story appearing in UFO4.

This, of course, means that my name will be appearing in the same book as Neil Gaiman’s.  And this time it’s not just because I’m in a bookstore and have a pen handy.

There are a number of other great names included in the volume as well (you can check the TOC here), but I mention Neil specifically because he’s been a huge influence on me.  (See:  “worship,” above.)

And that’s my news for today.  See you all in 6-12 months!