Recent Publications: UFO, At Year’s End

It’s been a little quiet here lately, but I finally have something to announce:  Alex Shvartsman’s Unidentified Funny Objects and Kazka Press’s At Year’s End have both been published and are available for purchase.  Each of these anthologies includes a story written by me (“No Silver Lining” and “When Friends Come to Call,” respectively), which I can only assume is the result of an editorial mix-up or one of my many forgotten pacts with the devil.

If you’d like to read my contributions to these collections, please get your copies today, before someone realizes the error they’ve made or the dark prince comes for my soul (which is valued at considerably less than the market standard I claimed).  Although I haven’t had a chance to read UFO yet, I just finished At Year’s End last night, and I can say that it’s positively delightful–a perfect holiday treat for anyone who likes bite-sized fiction.

Unidentified Funny Objects


Unidentified Funny Objects (humorous SF/Fantasy stories) — $5.99 Kindle e-book; $15.99 trade paperback.  (Or, buy it directly from and get both the e-book and paperback for a total of $15.99!)



At Year's End


At Year’s End (year-end holiday stories, in the style of SF/Fantasy flash-fiction) — $2.99 Kindle e-book; $2.99 Nook e-book.